2911 Creative

is now

Missionspring Studio

helping nonprofits amplify their missions through purposeful design

If you’re new here, 2911 Creative LLC, now doing business as Missionspring Studio, is a Black woman-owned creative studio that amplifies the work of nonprofit, philanthropic, and civic organizations through purposeful communications strategy and data-driven, human-centered design. We are rebranding and rebuilding our website as we refine our services and develop new ways to serve you.

With nearly 30 years of experience in traditional and digital communications and marketing, including over 15 years working with nonprofits, we love helping organizations like yours make a difference in the communities they serve. We partner with you to help you leverage your organization’s unique voice and perspective to share your mission with others and inspire them to support your work.

We know you’ve got a vision for the future — one that enables you to drive change for the causes and concerns you support. We want to help you amplify your mission and reach new people so your organization can increase its impact. We’d love to find out more about your organization’s mission and how we might be able to support your strategic storytelling efforts. Currently, we’re working with clients on content strategy and development, including social media strategy and management. You can reach us via email or by phone at (843) 419-7173.